Welcome to the MonicaArts Design Store

Welcome to the MonicaArts Design Store… a new place to shop for uniquely original work — rendered on paper, textiles, and more.

The MonicaArts Design Store currently features works from our Bauhaus Design Series which began in 2021, continues to evolve in 2022, with original, uniquely singular works created by MonicaArts Design.

The Bauhaus Botanical Series & Bauhaus Circle/Square Series were first printed at Neu Haus Press letterpress art studio in Portland, Oregon. The Bauhaus Botanical Series is sophisticated and minimalist in form, with subtle color relationships which are ethereal. The Bauhaus Circle/Square Series, also minimalist in form, is interpreted more boldly, including mixed-media 2022 iterations, which explore augmented color, dimension and expressive line quality. There are additional Design Series‘ underway for 2022, as well as those in early development stages, to be featured in 2023.

To learn more about the inspiration for each series, visit our Design Inspiration page.

Thank you for visiting the MonicaArts Design Store!

MonicaArts Design artist & principal designer, Monica Monaghan-Milstein with original designs from her new Bauhaus Design Series.
Photo taken at Neu Haus Press, Portland, Oregon 2021.
MonicaArts Design studio assistant, Luna.
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